3 Interviews on Friday

I was interviewed at three places this morning, one for a hostess/server position, the other at a café that sells gelato and a pastry café that sells other delicacies.

I was really nervous at the first interview, but once I started talking about my experiences in Korea, I became way more comfortable.

The second interview went really well. It felt like  more of a conversation than an interview. Good thing: the manager said they liked me!  I  had a great vibe at the end. I felt like I made a good lasting impression.

The third interview went alright.  It all started and ended quickly because one of the managers had to be somewhere else. I began to feel like my previous experience at  my internships (the people who could vouch for me) and my teaching experience had no bearing whatsoever to the position I applied for because the manager said it wasn’t the same environment…

When I’ll know if I’ve gotten the job:

Interview 1: They’ll contact me if they’re interested.

Interview 2: I’ll know by the end of tomorrow.

Interview 3: Sometime next Friday, but I’m allowed to call and ask before then.

I’m not sure what will happen, but I really hope I hear good news tomorrow or Monday morning!


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