Missing Korea

I’ve finished all 20 modules for my TEFL-C!!!! Woot, woot! I also sent in a chunk of paperwork yesterday along with a signed contract.

My intern supervisor took us interns out to a Korean buffet for lunch. There, I ate tang su yuk (sweet and sour pork) and syabu syabu (thinly sliced beef and vegetables in broth). I said hello to the hostess in Korean and told another I didn’t want any more syabu  syabu. I was speaking Korean and eating with chopsticks. It all felt so familiar. I started to remember all the things I loved about living there.

Today, I missed Korea. I thought, I can go back any time I get ready. I already know how to read and write in Korean. Why not just learn it for real already? South Korea was my home for two years and it really molded me into the person I am today. Can I still develop as a writer and teacher?  Yes.  I’d make more, be able to pay off my loans in a year and a half, and would be able to go on a vacation somewhere tropical-it’d be so easy to entertain the idea!

Travel, writing and teaching…Can’t I have it all? At this point, I think anything is possible…


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