Something I really missed being away from home was my family. It was such a treat to see some my aunt, uncles and cousins. I hadn’t seen them in so long! Thanksgiving was the best. I was sitting down and realized there were three generations at my uncle’s house! That meant my mom and uncle were a GREAT aunt and uncle to my little second cousins! That wowed me so much. It made me think how much I’d like to see that happen in my future, years down the road.

After work Saturday, my mom and I went to my aunt’s birthday party. It was a 70s themed event with a DJ and karaoke. I enjoyed myself while eating and drinking red wine, vodka, fried chicken, green beans and rice. I also belted as much “And I’m Telling You” as I could. The key was way too high for me and confirmed I’m really a soprano-alto. There’s only so much my voice can do. Singing that song and hearing how great people thought I sounded afterward made me think I should join a signing group or choir. It’d exercise my voice, would make me start practicing guitar, motivate me to make music, be a way to meet new people and it’d be fun. I’ll have to look it up.

While at my aunt’s house I saw a really nice banner, which displayed pictures and words about my late  grandfather, his siblings and our family. It was really cool. I realized how much  I wanted to see my Great Aunt Pearl in Sumter, South Carolina. It’d be so cool to sit on her porch, drink lemonade and listen to stories.

My family gatherings reminded me how much I want to stay in contact with the family I have around.



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