Awesome Things About D.C. #1: Medium Rare (Cleveland Park Metro)

I ate at Medium Rare with a friend on Tuesday night. The meal[$19.50] –already set, came with bread, butter, a salad, steak with fries and a secret sauce. The steak and fries were served after our salads were finished, and again when the waitress saw we were finished with the first serving. Oh, with the dinner, the waitress recommended the most expensive wine on the menu [$13 a glass]. I’m not a fan of wine, so I can’t say it went well with dinner. But my friend, who has more of an acquired taste, thought it really did. The total of the dinner, wine included, came to about $70 something with tip, but I payed for the wine. It is pricier than going to Chipotle and Starbucks combined, but it was absolutely worth it!

I recommend getting your steak medium rare at Medium Rare, it’s the best.

Recommend: 100% A+

Atmosphere and Ambience: 100%

Price: $$

Metro: Cleveland Park, exit on your left side. At the top of the stairs make another left. Walk down to  Medium Rare, it’ll be on your right.


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