MM Bethune PCS, Panda Express, H6 and Internship #1

Today, I went running and pretty much saw my dream house. There was no wrap around porch, but that didn’t matter. It was decorated perfectly for Christmas and screamed a warm-toasty atmosphere from inside out.

After getting ready, I met my dad downtown for his camera. Then I went to a local charter school to take pictures of the teachers I interviewed yesterday. My new  blog that highlights D.C.’s  best K-4 educators is up now.

I hopped on the H6  when the bus on my side didn’t show. This H bus went to a part of northeast I’d never seen before.  The ride left me with an hour to get downtown.

I went back to Columbia Heights and got some Panda Express–poor decision. That stuff is greasy and sits in your stomach for a long time. I don’t recommend going there. After lunch, which I ate in the conference room, I had a sit down with my intern director.  It was great. I feel so much more focused and excited about the assignments I have to complete.



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