Run, Job Search and MLK Library

Today I went running in 34 degree weather. It was not fun. I was cold the entire time and felt at 12 minutes I had been running for much longer. I took slow steps and tried to fight the cold. It was the most disappointing 34-minute run ever!

So tomorrow, I’m going to buy some warmer running clothes. Running in the cold is such a drag when you’re not prepared for it! Ye be warned! [I feel like watching Pirates  of the Caribbean today…]

While doing laundry, I applied to four editorial assistant positions. After that I went to meet my dad for lunch at The Sign of the Wale. They had a great smelling meat loaf, but I opted for the grilled cheese because what I really wanted [an open-faced turkey sandwich with gravy] wasn’t Monday’s special.

Now, I’m at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library. I finished up my blog story and emailed my internship director about it.

Such a productive day–and it’s not even over yet!


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