Are You Chai-ing Kidding Me?!

Written for 12/15/11

If you know me, you’d know my favorite drink at most coffee shops is not coffee, it’s an iced chai tea latte.  They taste great!  Today, I’ll tell you a story about my search for the perfect chai:

Place: Union Station

1. Seattle’s Best–I told the cashier I wanted a chai tea latte with ice. She didn’t understand what I was saying, so I repeated the order. Five minutes later, she then placed  a frappucino on the counter.  One of my eyebrows lifted. I asked “what’s this?” She said it was my chai latte. I pointed to the guy’s drink next to me and said I wanted it like his (a latte with ice, not blended with ice).  I thanked her, said I didn’t want the drink because it wasn’t the way I wanted, and walked away.  100% communication fail….

2. Crumb–I asked the cashier for a iced chai latte. As I another employee was making the latte, I told them I wanted it iced. Following my instruction, the woman put steamed chai in a plastic cup and added ice to it! Are you chai-ing kidding me?! Anyone that knows about putting hot milk and ice together knows the milk will  curdle. Such results give you watered-down Chai. I looked at the cashier and he  jumped in to make my drink the right way: chai mix + milk+ice. It was perfect and I was happy!

The end…


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