I Made The Nice List, Did You?

Gallery Place: Christmas Day 12/25/11

After watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol with my dad, we went to Häagen-Dazs for ice cream. There was a guy eating McDonalds (NOT Haagen-Dazs), even though there’s a sign that states you can’t eat any outside food or drink at the shop. So we went to Thai Chili, where there were many seats. My dad and I sat at Thai Chili until an employee who was leaving from her shift (in street clothes on and purse in hand) told us we couldn’t sit there. My dad asked if she was going to find us a seat at Haagen instead. She paused and gave no response until she told us to leave again. So, we did.  It was Christmas Day, no one was at the restaurant and she had no Christmas spirit!

We went back over to Haagen.

There were still no seats. My dad and I asked people if they were sitting in unattended seats, most of them said yes, but  woman was nice enough to let us have a seat as I ranted about the woman from Thai Chili….  Eventually we were able to find a seat at Haagen, but by then I had finished all my ice cream,  was fuming and couldn’t believe Haagen-Dazs’ staff didn’t ask the couple who had items purchased from another place to leave.

The entire incident made my dad and I pretty upset and made me never want to go to Gallery Place again. It happens to be the only movie theater with stadium seating in D.C. Silver Spring has a good theater too, but it’s easier to go to Gallery Place on a whim. Anyways, that one bad experience just ruins the whole Gallery Place experience… But it doesn’t ruin my being at the Gallery Place Starbucks now… haha

Oh well, and too bad.

It’s Bragging Time: Cool Christmas Gifts

Any hoo, I got some awesome Christmas gifts including a Samsung SH100 camera (from my dad, it has a WIFI connection to FACEBOOK!), an Asus laptop (smaller than the LG mini I have, from my mom), a digital recorder that has a USB connection–high quality than the one I bought at Radio Shack, from my mom), new running gear for the winter and socks (all from my mom).

I have to say as far as being an only child at Christmas, I was definitely spoiled. I got some great gifts from the two people I love the most. For that, I’m thankful.

I went to Eastern Market today to see a friend who’s in the same internship as me. I texted her, but realized her phone was off when I called. I saw her about to start her shift, but she had already eaten. I had already eaten some of my Grilled Chicken and Smoked Mozzarella open-faced sandwich, which I didn’t like and was ready to leave.  I was pretty bummed I had to pay $12 something for it, came all that way and didn’t have a great first experience. But I know that I can’t let one thing ruin it completely.

I would have asked my friend for advice on what to choose, but I was really hungry and she wasn’t yet there. I told my friend I’d come back Thursday so she could hook me up with an awesome tart–pictures below! Next time, I’m getting the waffle with berries. It’s $5.25. I will also go to Starbucks before hand since Le Pain Q. doesn’t have iced Chai.

Right Now

I’m at Starbucks in Gallery Place getting my computer Chromed out and adding bookmarks. While I’m doing all that, take a look at my pictures and stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.

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