New York City 1/2-1/3

Day 1

The bus ride to NYC was so quick my friend Alva was in the middle running an errand  when I called. While she hopped on the train, I took a seat at Chelsea Square Restaurant. There, we talked and ate brunch.

Later, I dropped off my stuff at Alva’s and went off to take pictures around the city. I must have walked three plus miles that day in about 41 degree weather. After walking around, I met back up with Alva and we headed to her friend’s going away party.

Day 2

On Tuesday, I parted with Alva and made my way uptown. I walked from W4 street to 23rd Street in what felt like 30 below before reaching the bank. For some reason the directions I had read online were wrong. Eventually, I rode the train to 60th and Broadway to meet Karen Halpenny, Sesame Workshop’s senior book editor and VP of Women’s in Children’s Media, for an informational interview. She was inspiring, informative and overall a great person to talk with.

After a little bus adventure over to 82nd and Riverside, I walked to Barnes & Noble where I got a thank you card and Runner’s World magazine. After a little more walking I found myself at 79th Street, ready to board the train and get out of the FREEZING cold.

I made my way to Times Square where I walked around before deciding to have lunch at Teleon Cafe. It was the best burger I had in a long time.

Overall, I had a wonderful trip.

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Note: I tried to make this post look visually appealing, but got frustrated because there were too many photos to individually post one after the other. Hope you like the slide show instead! Maybe I’ll just post the best 10 images from NYC instead. Anyways, my next post will be way cooler!


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