Kafe Leopold’s, Luigi’s and Crumbs

Kafe Leopold’s: 3 1/2 stars for excellent service

1/8: Brunch with Dad at Kafe Leopold's.

This place was packed.
Hot chocolate, whip cream had no flavor. $3.50, refills cost the same.
Hazelnut milk chocolate! I dropped it right in the cup!
Belgian waffle, $11 or $12: not the best I've had, very bland tasting. Musshy on the inside. Waffles should be good by themselves. It was not. The syrup, I liked.
My dad's omelet. I like his meal much better than mine.

Luigi’s: 5 stars for excellent food and service

My chicken parmisiana sandwich, I ate some before I took the photo--it was that good, and I was really hungry.
Outdoor-indoor seating at Luigi's. Best seats in the house.

 Crumbs: 5 stars

1/10: Pink cupcake and milk at Crumbs. Forgot my card, could have been 5 stars away to FREE baked good! Next time...
More Pink cupcake...
The sprinkles just fell everywhere when I opened the wrapper. They were soft and not not overwhelmingly sugar-fied.. I liked it that way.
The inside... all those sprinkles! Cupcakes are pretty gigantic, best to share, or eat alone.

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