Fry. Bake. Write.


Today while at work, I put a butter-less egg on the grill and produced something great: a perfect fried egg. Now, I can successfully fry an egg! AWESOME!





I baked peanut butter cookies twice this week and used up all the peanut butter. I think I could actually sell my cookies if they were placed in cute packaging. I’ll have to share some with one of my godmoms because she always bakes berry biscuits for me and my dad.

Anyways, I think I’m pretty good at baking cookies and cupcakes. It’s pretty easy when all you have to do is read the directions and follow them. Though, I’ve been halving every recipe because I don’t have a mansion full of people to cook for. It’s just me and my mom. I guess I’m also in the test stage–I understand how to make mini cookies, small cookies and medium-sized cookies. I do it based on feel and then whatever comes out of the oven is the finished product.


I’ve been working on my article to be published in FIPPs 2012 “Innovations in Magazines World Report” next month. I’m going to have to expand more on a couple of subtitles to make the 1,000 word mark….I’m hoping to finish the story and picture captions in the next hour. If not, I’ll wake up early and complete the rest.


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