My 25th Birthday: To Be Continued

Part I:

As I waited for my friend and her cousin to arrive in D.C.,  I went to Starbucks and had some lemon pound cake and an iced Chai tea latte.

Once my friend and her cousin arrived, we hung out in Adams Morgan. That was Saturday.

Part II: On Sunday, I went to Georgetown, ate at Johnny Rockets and saw movie 21 Jump Street.

The waiter made the smiley face with ketchup! Too cute!

It was funny even though  previews I’d seen before ruined some of the best parts of the movie. Jonah Hill is still hilarious and Channing Tatum is still gorgeous. A win-win for all the ladies. 😉

Part III: On Monday (actual date of my birth) my Dad, mom and I went to McCormick & Schmicks! It’s such a fancy place, the waiter brought out wine selections in a very cool contraption!  I had the Atlantic salmon with cranberry. It was a little dry, but I added lemon and all was well. We had a great time. My parents totally spoiled me this time, as they always do. I’m so grateful for them and all they do for me!

Mom and me. Room was dimly lit. Took with flash and it looks too dark. Still trying to figure out my camera!

Other pictures from my birthday:

Balloons! 😀

To be continued….


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