25th Birthday: The End of the Party/Thank You All

Since I’ve gotten my weekends back, I’ve decided to make the very best out of them. So, I joined Meetup.com. I was all pumped and ready to go to a Single Event at Ultra Bar (which I saw on Meetup) when I read negative reviews on Yelp. Luckily, I was emailed another Meetup event at Dirty Bar. I quickly Facebooked my friend Kelly and asked her to celebrate the last of my birthday weekend with me. She agreed and we met at Dirty.

But before the festivities began, I had to eat.  I just  didn’t want to go anywhere on an empty stomach.

So, off we went to Shake Shack (a place I visited once in New York City. First time in the new D.C. location). The cheese fries were a hit, then off we were again to Dirty. We were welcomed by a line– a line we waited a good ten minutes in before giving up and going across the street to Public. They also had a line about three store-fronts long. So, we decided it best to walk two blocks to another place where lines were nonexistent.

On our way home, we posed for this photo:


Overall, it was a birthday ended right. Thanks Kelly for going out with me last minute!

Also, I must give a shout to my friend Julie for this awesome birthday card! Thanks Julie! :


My friends are the best! Thanks for all your birthday wishes!! It wouldn’t have been so great with out you!

Love you all!



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