The Mushy Scone and the Too Sweet Fritter

I walked into Starbucks as normal. Before I ordered the partner behind the counter, already said my drink and asked what size I preferred. I didn’t think I had come in that often for someone to remember, but she was good!

I really didn’t want a bagel with cream cheese again, so I went for a raspberry scone. It was mushy and had no taste. I thought scones had taste and where much more crunchier. I took another bite and realized how much I didn’t want it. So, I got back in line…


And there we have it: a warmed apple fritter:


But, it was too sweet. I guess I really wasn’t in the mood for a taste bud kicker upper so early in the morning. I didn’t finish that either, but did down some of my Chai while I had time.

Breakfast wasn’t that great today and neither was my lunch (I went overload on carrots), but my dinner was just right: a couple slices of mango and pizza.


Yum! At least I got one meal right today.

Thank goodness!


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