Saturday: Cherry Blossom Festival And Nationals Baseball Game

I went to a Meetup with the 20s/30s Fun Asians yesterday. While going in, a nice couple offered me their ticket because their son didn’t show up. So, my $5 fee was waived! I offered to pay them back, but they said no. So nice!

I had funnel cake  before meeting up with everyone at this years Cherry Blossom Festival or Sakura Matsuri. I pretty much hungout with the ladies and we walked around took pictures–pictures of of people in costumes, ourselves in really cute animal onesies and anything that struck our eye. It was a lot of fun.

Here are my photos from that:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Following the street fest, I then met up with my dad and my god brother Nathaniel. We  went to a Nationals baseball game, where we played the Cincinnati Reds.  We won 4 to 1! GO Nats! While there we also met up with my god mother, Courtney and my god brother, Cooper and my god father Russell. It was also fun–I even took this video of the wave, right after my dad mentioned it was NOT a football game…Apparently, the wave also invites itself to other sports events too!


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