Hot n Humid: 21:17 Run

Last Monday: 40:29

Last Tuesday: 23:53

Last Wednesday: 46:33

Today 4/16: 21:17, already 78F! I was really tired so I slowed down. It’s so important to hydrate while on a run. I mean look what I was left with at only 21 minutes:


Not much! Most importantly, you might want to run through water or rub water on yourself while out there in the heat. It’s only going to get better once you’ve braved it a couple of times. It’s also really great if you manage to just run less. I know–my goal is an hour a day, but maybe 40 minutes in humid/hot conditions is better than a 60 minute run when I’ve totally run out of fuel! And that’s no fun!

Well note to self: GET UP AT 6:15AM! Slather on sun screen and go! It WILL make a difference!

Running Goals For This Week: Run 4 more days for at least 40-45 minutes each!


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