37:35 Run

It felt so awesome to have so much TIME on my hands after my run this morning. I didn’t have the energy to run an out and back, but am steadily and slowly building my way there. I downloaded a Map My Run app on my phone, as I rode the bus home, but quickly realized that I couldn’t just map my run like I wanted. I also had to log in. Back to the computer, after work.


Gosh darn it, I still have to log in! I remember when I could cancel out the sign up and was able to use it for free. Or perhaps it’s Google Chrome that doesn’t make it an option. So, I’ll switch to  Internet Explorer.

And.. it works!

Eureka! [Eureka’s Castle, omg, Face!] I can now tell you all how many miles I ran today. I’m sure it was about 2.5 already, but I’m a slow poke, so I really won’t know until I punch in the numbers.

Map My Run says: 2.65 miles ran! Woo hoo!

Run Stats:

2.65 miles, 14:10 pace (SLOW POKE! But all that matters is that I’m being consistent! Day 2, HOO RAH!), 37:35 run

Cool! 🙂


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