Aweomesauce: Recipe For Happiness

Instead of getting up at the regular time of 6:15am, I got up, turned off my alarm, unplugged my phone, took the phone and got back under the covers. I dosed back to sleep. No problem. At around 7 something, I decided I wanted to watch more of TV show The Office on Netflix. So I watched two episodes before deciding I was going to hold off on running until later.

Well, I’m glad I did.

On my way to Starbucks–for my morning iced chai and croissant (I should really try switching to something healthier!)–I felt my left leg stiffen. My left leg was cramping–upper thigh and calve! It was then I realized how much salsa works the body.

I really enjoy salsa and have met some really great people from going to lessons. Yesterday was only my third time salsa-ing! Later on after work, I plan on going to a happy hour, part of a Meetup event. Should be fun. Maybe I’ll run, but if not, I definitely will have to tomorrow.

I’ve noticed I really like having a place to be at night. I mean it doesn’t make sense to just hangout at home from 5 to 10pm, unless I really need the rest. Instead, it makes sense to enjoy myself the best way I know how–having an awesome time, meeting awesome people and eating awesome food.

That my friends,  is what I like to call Awesomesauce.

Stay tuned for more, later!


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