5/5 Passport DC: Indonesian Embassy and Korean Embassy

Last weekend, I went to Passport DC, a one-day event which allowed people (tourists and DC natives) to enter embassies of other countries. With many different Meetup groups, I traveled to Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Haiti, the Bahamas, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Belize and Guatemala. The best embassy visits were Indonesia (which you’ll see shortly below), Haiti (for the amazing drum/dance performance) and the Ivory Coast (waited forty minutes for A PLATE of food! But, it too was amazing and FREE!).

The entire event was completely free, unless of course you wanted a Panty Ripper (coconut rum and pineapple juice) from Belize or wanted to buy food or jewelry for purchase. Oh yeah, the Dominican Republic had great chicken patties and passionfruit juice! Did I also mention having a samples of  rum cake, rum and Turkish wine? All for free. Gosh, DC is great!

This Saturday there is an EU Open House from 10am to 4pm. I have to say I am most excited about The Netherlands, Germany and France. I’ve always wanted to travel to Amsterdam specifically (hearing my dad talk about his visit made me want to go more!), Germany (to sample beer and food, if any) and France (for a taste of red wine and gouda cheese–which happens to be my fav cheese ever, if any). Of course, it would also be great to see a performance too (this time I’ll make sure to record the action).  Ireland, the UK, Denmark, Italy and the Czech Republic are also worth a visit too!

All 27 Embassies of the EU Member States will host. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get to them all! But I will have to make it to France and Germany at 10am for sure!

Well, here are the pictures mostly from the Indonesian embassy and one from an art gallery in the Korean embassy. Check them out!



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