George Pelecanos, My Weekend, Getting Ready for China and The Jersey Shore

George Pelecanos:  

I finally got a copy of George Pelecanos’ book The Cut after work on Friday. Pelecanos is coming to talk about his book and do a signing at Busboys and Poets Monday night. I’m going to see one of my favorite authors! It will be amazing. The book is 292 pages, but so far this weekend I only made it to page 90. Books should never be rushed, so I don’t mind that I’m not finished. I love reading Pelecanos especially because his mystery-action-cop-crime dramas are set in Washington, DC.  The best part when reading his books–I always feel like I’m watching a great TV show! Can’t wait to meet with him, it’s going to be awesome!

My Weekend: 

I had a great time out with my friends on Friday. We went to Sutra Lounge and The Reef in Adams Morgan. On Saturday, I went out with a friend and my friends’ friend to Rumors near Farragut North.

Getting Ready for China:

I can’t believe it’s happening! I’m really going to China! All that’s going through my head is: AHHHHHHHHH! I’M GOING TO CHINA! I’m awaiting paperwork to get my work visa–hopefully it comes mid week! And then, I’ll have to visit the consulate, do a few things and then I’m on my way!

The Jersey Shore:

So, I think my friends and I are going to Jersey Shore this weekend. I’ve never been, so I don’t really know what to expect. While on YouTube today, I looked up Pauly D. I wouldn’t mind meeting someone with his accent and good looks (maybe not the spiky hair though!).

That’s It:

More to come: My photo with George Pelecanos, my dad’s gig at Twins’ Jazz Club and anything else that happens in between!


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