Meeting George Pelecanos at Busboys and Poets

After work I had a serious craving for sushi. So I headed to Dupont Circle (not too far from my job). I Google mapped ‘sushi’ and found a place about twenty feet away! I looked at the menu and debated whether I should go in. In the end, Thai Chef & Sushi Bar had me as a patron.

The garden roll was fantastic! As a person who really doesn’t like seaweed or raw seafood,  I was very happy in the end. So happy, I tipped the sushi chef and the waiter!


Later on, I got ready to see one of my favorite authors, George Pelecanos. He read from his book What It Was, which I just finished reading two months ago, at a room in the back of Busboys & Poets. When the reading and Q & A were finished, I got in line with other fans–I was third! We shook hands–he’s got a great firm handshake–and briefly, I told him that  when I read his books I feel as though I’m watching a great TV show. He signed The Cut and nicely obliged my picture request.

Thank goodness I had enough battery power on my phone! I forgot my camera at home. So, here it is, a picture with my favorite author, George Pelecanos! What an honor!



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