Good People, Good Times and Good Food

On Friday night, I went out with my friends Sabrina, Sabrina’s friend Jessica and Ye. I started off at Zeba because I was really hungry. There,  I had really great Buffalo wings and tried a cucumber margarita for the first time–it was interesting.

Around 10 something Sabrina came to get me, I paid my check and we went to meet up with Jessica and Ye. We went straight to Dupont Circle to Lucky Bar for $13 drinks (yikes! Not something I would buy all the time, but for the occasion, worth it!) and then to MIA, where we encountered someone in a pink bunny costume.

After that we headed to Cafe Citron. It was really crowded. Then we headed to LIMA, which had a $20 cover. It was not super exciting, but the bathroom was pretty modern and chic. After LIMA we went to U Street to end the night.

It was a  good Friday night out with the ladies.

On Saturday, I stayed in bed for half the day. It was actually really cool because I discovered the Style channel featuring Tia & Tamera, Jerseylicious and Giuliana & Bill. I don’t watch reality television at all, but I really enjoyed them!

Later on, I bought some food for a potluck at Sabrina’s place where I met up with Ye, Jack, Tripp, got to see Paco/Buddie/Jaggie (Sabrina’s two-month-old pup) and met other people too. My friend Alva also stopped by too. It was the best Saturday I’ve had that was very relaxed. I think I really needed a Saturday that was less eventful than the last month I’ve had. I mean, it was fun, but at some point everyone needs to take a break!


Sabrina, Jack and Senior Paco


Alva and Me!


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