Saturday: Cleaning, Union Station and Gallery Place

After I spent hours at my Dad’s helping him clean, eating some food and watching Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali talk on the Arsenio Hall Show on YouTube, we went to his practice space in North East. While there, I met a 69-year-old artist, a 17-year-old guitar player and saw my Dad’s bandmate. It was all really great. I even played a guitar and the piano. It’s funny how I still remember chords after all this time–it’s pretty incredible what we can retain when we do it long enough. Muscle memory I suppose.

Just wanted you to check out my photos from Union Station and Gallery Place. I don’t know how I managed to do all of that in a day, but somehow I did. I’m so tired!

SAM_4919 SAM_4920 SAM_4922 SAM_4923 SAM_4925 SAM_4926 SAM_4928 SAM_4930 SAM_4932 SAM_4933 SAM_4934 SAM_4935 SAM_4939 SAM_4940 SAM_4942 SAM_4945 SAM_4947 SAM_4948 SAM_4953 SAM_4955


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