IHOP, International House of Pancakes

After cleaning at my Dad’s on Sunday, we went to IHOP for a late lunch. I had their waffle, double soft scrambled eggs [because I didn’t want hashbrown], two pieces of bacon and one buttermilk pancake [because I kept eating off my Dad’s plate of pancakes–what can I say IHOP knows how to make an awesome pancake!]. The half waffle looked nothing like the picture. And presentation wasn’t at all on the mind of the cook who plated it. There was strawberry glaze on the side of the plate. It looked like it was hastefully completed. Presentation aside, the meal was awesome. The eggs melted in my mouth and tasted like perfection. The waffle was good, but next time I won’t get the fruit compote as the strawberries were cold. The cream was enough for the waffle on its own. All in all the pancake, eggs and bacon was all I really needed and it was wonderful! I’m most likely saying that because  it’s been a year since I’ve eaten at the famous chain…Check out the pictures which don’t even compare to the taste.Image



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