My Thoughts on 2 Guns (2013)

Before I talk about 2 Guns, I’d like to say there’s a reason I don’t watch real TV. The commercials are insanely repetitive, just like movie previews. Sometimes they ruin a movies comedic punch. Example: 21 Jump Street. Hulu Plus avoids that–at least I know most commercials aren’t of the movie trailer time and more on home improvement and the newest tablet…

It was while watching The Today Show, I saw a diner scene take for 2 Guns. I already knew I was going to see the movie. I mean, it’s Denzel! I’ll watch anything he’s in–same goes for Pacino, DeNiro and anything directed by Hicthcock or Scorsese.

More about the movie…There was never a dull moment! With actors like Denzel Washington and Mark Walberg, I expect nothing but the best and they totally delivered. The two were a pair perfectly matched. Shout out to Danny Trejo and Bill Paxton for their awesomely acted roles and and director Baltasar Kormákur. I loved 2 Guns and suggest you see it in a theater near you.

Beware. Trailer below might contain scenes from the film.


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