16th Annual Job Fair at the Washington Convention Center 8-21-13


Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton hosted her 16th Annual Job Fair at the Washington Convention Center this Wednesday.

With over 69 companies represented at the fair, D.C. residents eagerly waited in a line over a hundred people long in efforts to be seen by hiring employers.

I was one of those residents.

In my observations, I discovered the job fair could have been better organized:

1. No event signs in or outside of Mt. Vernon Square station or at the convention center’s entrance. No one had any idea where to go unless you asked the front security guard or he asked were you were headed. It was only after walking down the hall and going down an escalator that you found a sign for the event.

2. The job fair information was handed out while job seekers stood in line. It would have been great to have had a list of the hiring employers before attending the fair. Unfortunately, after scouring Google and Congresswoman Norton’s official website, I couldn’t find any information regarding an employer list.

3. Some employer booths had no one there. Instead, companies relied on pieces of paper, leaflets, pens and candy branded with the company’s logo to get their message across.

In a time when applying on-line is required, it’s refreshing to speak to a person one on one. Overall, I  think the job fair succeeded and gave job seekers  a chance to take a more active approach to finding employment.

I’d like to  thank Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and sponsors for providing Washingtonians an opportunity to find jobs and speak with company representatives.


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