Breaking Bad Ozymandias S5 E14

This past episode of Breaking Bad in one word: crazy.


The shoot out continues: Gomez and Hank were killed by Jack’s crew, his men drops their bodies in the desert and steal $70 million of Walt’s money. And then at the end of one of the most intense scenes of Breaking Bad, Walt asks Jack to keep his promise to kill Jessie! Right before it goes down, Todd decides to take Jessie back with the crew to find out what he told DEA, before the kill. It’s later that we see Todd’s intent was to get Jessie to cook meth!

Just when Walt and Jessie thought they were out, something brings them back in.

Eventually, Walt is left in the desert with one barrel of money. So, he rolled it to the first house he saw, offers a man a wad of cash for his truck, puts his money in the back and heads toward his house.

In another scene, Marie tells Skyler it’s over. Hank has arrested Walt and is now processing him at the station. As Skyler begins  shaking and crying, Marie serves her a punch–the only way she’ll support Skyler is if she tells Flynn the truth, and she has to do it right away. So, she does and Flynn gets upset.

After the reveal, Skyler, Flynn and Holly head home. They get out of the car and go inside, where Walt is packing suitcases full of clothes. Skyler keeps asking about Hank, Flynn keeps asking if his father is a drug dealer, Walt tells them to calm down. Eventually, Skyler figures out Hank’s dead and Walt had something to do with it.

Just as you thought it couldn’t get any more intense, something even crazier happens. Skyler grabs a knife! Walt tries to come closer. Skyler slices his hand. Walt gets angry. He gets into a knife fight with his wife! Their son, Flynn, breaks it up. Flynn ends up  shielding his mom and calls the police to report his father. In a rush, Walt grabs Holly, goes to the truck and starts the engine. Leaving Skyler to scream and chase the truck as Walt drives away!

And that’s not all!

Walt calls Skyler after he gets to a safe place. He tells her that she’s stupid and takes him for granted. All the while, Skyler apologizes, totally shocked by the things he has said. The cops (called earlier), Flynn and Marie are listening as Walt says they’ll never see Hank again. Walt then leaves Holly in a fire station. He ends up on a road, and eventually gets in a red van (the same one Jessie was going to get into when he was pressured to leave town).

And then, the credits rolled. Nothing until next week….

Talk about an emotional roller coaster! Each week gets more and more intense. When you start yelling at the screen and gasping aloud, you know you’re into a show.

The acting is superb and the writing is spectacular.

The Breaking Bad cast and crew know exactly what they’re doing and that’s why it’s such good television.


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