Running 4.45 Miles in 33 Degree Weather

Today I ran a whole 4.45 miles at a 10:58 pace. I couldn’t believe I had run that far in under an hour! That’s amazing! It was also really cold and during the first mile my right foot cramped enough I stopped, took of my shoe and made sure it was better before I continued to run. It was during the last half mile my feet began to feel numb and my calves felt heavy.

Ran in my new running outfits I got from my Mom as Christmas presents–purple tights, and a cool awesome top, along with some old shorts, long Under Armour fleece turtle neck and my Under Armour headband. It was FREEZING outside during the entire run. I think tomorrow I’ll have to wear extra clothing on top, and maybe put something around my cheeks.

It’s my opinion that running in the winter is better training because you have to push yourself that much harder to keep going, even in the coldest/windiest conditions. Plus, dressing properly is really key. If you’re not comfortable, your run won’t be.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone had a great holiday!


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