The Church, The White House and A View From Freedom Plaza [Photos]

Yesterday was a really nice day. I tried mapping my long run and even put on my running clothes. I realized my stomach was growling and it was nearly two in the afternoon. It was more important to eat and I thought I’d have a better chance on Sunday for a long run [it’s raining and I just ate–maybe later, definitely tomorrow].

So, I decided to head downtown to buy my mom and I some barbecue wings at the place I work [yay 50% employee discount!] and my favorite iced beverage at Starbucks. I sat and chowed down the order of wings and a third of my drink. It was nice to just sit and relax. I took the other order to go. I decided to walk off the food and headed toward The White House. Below, are the pictures of that journey. Enjoy!


SAM_5395 SAM_5396 SAM_5399 SAM_5400 SAM_5401 SAM_5402 SAM_5403


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