Eyebrow Waxing at Revo Nails

Today while my mom and I got a mani-pedis, I decided to go ahead and get my eyebrows waxed (for the first time) by the best waxer in the nail salon as referred by another patron. Well, it was a great decision.

I went into the room, laid on a towel-covered table, closed my eyes and waited for what was cool gel (the wax) to be put on my brow. In seconds, paper was put atop my brow and quickly ripped off. It felt like a pinch. There was more application of wax for the next brow. Then, out came the tweezers. A pluck here and there and there and any other spot that wasn’t perfect.

Michelle, the woman who did my brows, gave me a mirror. This is what I saw:


I was really happy about the result. If you look at the picture to your right, you’ll see how much of a difference there is. I used to think I had no need to get my eyebrows shaped because they were naturally thin, but after today, I’m hooked.

Thanks to Revo Nails, my mom and I both look and feel amazing!


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