Getting it In: 3.39 miles

Today, I woke up before my alarm and just turned right over to get more Zs. I put on my running socks before going to bed and this prepares me to go out in the morning knowing what must be done. It’s sort of a little mental discipline and it works. I was up.

While on my run back, I felt myself get tired, but the hill up 18th and right through Adams Morgan felt like nothing. At one point I would try to avoid any and all hills. I would get tired just thinking about them no matter how slight the incline was.

The mental trick I use is to think I’m running on marshmallows. It works! The best run is when your in the zone and don’t even realize how far you’ve gone.

I was psyched because I was at the 2.57 mile mark at 31 minutes. I’m a turtle, but man did it feel like a serious accomplishment to have run 3.39 miles. I’m getting faster. I’m always so surprised when I run farther each time. I’m ready to register for a 5k and then a 10k. Eventually, I do see a half marathon in my future.

Now that would be icing on the cake!


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