SoundSHAPE DC and Lax


Yesterday, I went to SoundSHAPE DC, a free event that merges fitness and music together. The event was founded by professional MMA Fighter Kyle Sefcik and DJ/Producer Andrew Robinson in 2012. It was SoundSHAPE’s first time in DC.

I showed up around the end of yoga and had 5 or 6 minutes to try
it out. And you know what, I liked it!

Up next, after a short musical interlude, was Soldierfit. If anyone knows, I run most mornings. Well, 45 minutes of this constant physically enduring bootcamp totally kicked my butt! Man, I love water breaks, they really are my best friend during a hard workout! Burpees, pushups, squats, planks, jumping jacks, it really was the works!

After that I was pretty done, so I ended up taking to two Soldierfit instructors (unfortunately, they don’t have any D.C. locations), heading to the sponsors table and chatting with a Mary Kay expert, where I received a little goody bag.

Even after all that, I still wanted to do more, so I texted my friend Pav to go play some lax or lacrosse. Had some amazing dumplings


a Silver Spring spot and then played a little catch in a park. It was fun. I didn’t get home until 8.

When I got in, I took a bath and then found just enough energy to grab milk and cookies at the gas station. After munching on them, I fell asleep. Gosh, I was tired.

Now, I’m considering trying a bootcamp as a cross training twice a week. I think it’d help with my running and overall body strength. Time to investigate!








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