Arturo Toscanini: 150th Anniversary Celebration

One of the best parts of being a D.C. native is finding free entertainment. In the Nation’s Capitol, there are a plethora of activities and experiences to be had. My favorite place to walk around is Union Station. The history in the building is rich and much of the architecture stems from Italy. It’s really a beautiful place and if you ever visit, it should be on your To Do List!

At Union Station, people are always on the move. It is the travel hub of Washington, D.C. According to Union Station’s official website, Union Station receives more than 90,000 people a day! Although, I’m sure there are much more than that as D.C.’s population has soared in the last five years.

While coming from a property at the end of the work day, I felt famished. Close by was Union Station, where there are tons of restaurants and cuisines to choose from. I hopped on a bus and went to the land of food. When I arrived and entered the main hall, I saw this:

20170328_162322[1]Well, I had to check it out. Plus, the attendant said it was open to the public! Classical music on a Tuesday evening?! What? I’m in. So, I did what most people do, let my friends in the area know there was an Arturo Toscanini 150th Anniversary Celebration performance in Union Station’s East Hall. My friend Lia met me there.

One of the speakers was NBC4’s news broadcaster Barbara Harrison! She was a delight and so where those who sponsored the event, Lane, a construction company known for their work on highways, bridges, metro and rail transportation. Lane operates in 50 countries and is 110 years old!

The Concert

On Tuesday, March 28th, the Cameristi della Scala performed in the East Hall. It was magical and the first time I’ve ever heard opera live. I think I gave an standing ovation three times!   It was fantastic! You know it’s good when you clap with enthusiasm. Mihaela Marco, Bravo lady, Bravo!

At the end of the event, viewers received a swag bag! What a nice touch to a great performance! Inside was a brochure, Lane pen and a nifty Lane construction hat key chain. Snazzy!

If you go to my Instagram, you can see a short minute clip of the performance.

Thank you Lane for sponsoring and Union Station for holding the event! It was wonderful!

More photos below:

Union Station Main Hall
Union Station, East Hall
NBC4’s Barbara Harrison
Swag Bag!
Inside the Swag Bag
Key chain!






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