Washington Nationals v. Philadelphia Phillies 4.14.17

Two Friday’s ago, I took my dad to a Washington Nationals game. It was bobble head day (Daniel Murphy). I’m on a mission to collect all the bobble heads given this year.

Well, in short, the Nationals won 3-2 against the Philadelphia Phillies! It was incredible how it happened in the tenth inning. The crowd was crazy! 

We sat in section 418, all the way at the top. You know there’s nothing like having a hot dog and drinking a cold one at the ball park. Since I was young and before D.C. had a baseball team (after the Senators of course), my dad and I would watch the Baltimore Orioles. Having a ball park in D.C. is the best. Can you imagine how much revenue the park gets when it’s baseball season?! Ot always cost me at least $50 for food and drinks. Did you know you can get craft cocktails at Union Pub? (Patron Margaritas!) 

It’s always fun to go to games. I’m taking my dad to the one on May 12th – Nationals v. Philadephia Phillies (again). Another bobble head day (Trea Turner) Should be another win in the books for us!

As it stands on Monday, April 24, 2017, the Washington Nationals are first in the National League East with a 13-5 record!

Go Nats!


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